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August 05, 2010


Come back in Michael! We need you; the water is finally getting warm after the ice age we all endured. The AFM is rapidly becoming a place that once again all musicians can call home.

Things look promising for the AFM under Ray and the others at some point I might again join or tell younger musicians and others to join the AFM again.

I remember sitting back and thinking about the whole mess from 1997 to 2007, votes got screwy under Tom, the union was not a labor union and I figured if I ran in 1 or 2 more elections and met more of the delegates I would have at least elected to the I.E.B. and been able to give my help and input into the union on behalf of of those the AFM forgot about.

It crossed my mind that politics SUCKS! has little to do with what is right-true and real let alone getting progress made.

If I had run I would have got in and been an "Old Bitter Bastard" like those I ran against!

I am glad I washed my hands of it and went back to creating music, art, things and inventions.

Those who have the power of creation should demand representation I hope Ray just kicks ass and does the musicians right because it has been my entire life time that the Musicians where left behind by the AFM under Tom & his mentor.

Michael Troy Moore

Bravo to Ray for bringing Ken Shirk back into AFM service. I had the privilege of serving with Ken on the IEB. He is truly a brilliant mind. Welcome back, Brother Ken!

Another bravo for the pension fund appointments.

I'm thrilled that Ken Shirk is coming back on board. We in Local 99 know how very capable he is, and what a calm voice of reason he can be in a crisis.

Sherill Roberts

In another great move, Ray's new IEB will hold its first meeting in conjunction with the upcoming ICSOM Conference - another stride toward the unity that his team promised.

Just the first of many great things to come! There is not a doubt in my mind that Ray is the very person who will put the AFM back on track and lead it on to a new era of unity and purpose. Tom whatever-his-name-is (or was it downbeat, Manhattan madness, and keys 88?) had placed a tenth of his energies working for the benefit of the membership and the organization, instead of his own personal agenda, we would have never been in the mess we all found ourselves in. He should never have given Ray so much reason to run; What a house of horrors we have all come through. And for 9 years at that. Ugh. All that wasted energy.

We can all look forward to the AFM's second golden age of enlightenment and harmony. Go Ray, go!

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