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July 05, 2010


Mr. Dunn:

Thanks for the additional information, and I'm very sorry for your loss.

My son, Rick, had his ex-wife Silvie with him during his last days, then Donna, his half-sister, flew down and she and Silvie helped a lot to take care of things. Yuriko Byers, a good friend of Rick's, had also been there recently to visit him. Since I can't walk, I had Kenny Shroyer (a trombone player and good friend of Rick's)represent me there to finish up. Rick's body was cremated on July 14. May he now rest in peace. Richard Dunn

I also greatly regret Ric's untimely passing. While we also didn't agree on too much, and had exchanged some pretty heated opposing posts here, we had reached a kind of amicable truce where we no longer took the other's thoughts as personal barbs. Poor Ric; no wonder we hadn't heard from him in a while. I don't think any of knew he was ill, but hopefully he will find some peace where he is now. RIP Ric; God bless.

Greetings from Oakland, CA. Rick Blanc was my first cousin, with whom I spent a lot of time growing up. We weren't "close" as adults, but we were always friendly. Like you, I didn't agree with him on much (too much time in southern Germany!!!), but he was an intellectual combatant, for sure.
I'd be interested in hearing any details about his last days, the nature of his illness and any planned memorials. I registered with the Trombone Forum to get info, but as of now they are still "considering" my application, so I can't post there! Normally I wouldn't join any organziation that would have me as a member, but in the case of my late cousin, I'll make an exception. hahaha.
R.I.P., Rick

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