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June 10, 2010


"Then there was the incident of Tom appointing a bunch of employers to the Jingle negotiations union-side negotiating committee."

I just read this but I have been warning about employer control and influence of the AFM since my campaign letter published in the 1997 International Musician, I had been beating my head against a wall in the AFM for years as most of the the local officers and delegates are "Employers" under labor law of musicians they are suppose to represent.

After pulling down copies of all webs sites to all AFM Officers and Local officers connection the dots by their own admission they "Are the Employers" but they mis-classify their workers as independent contractors so they as employers can escape S.S.I.-F.I.C.A., workers compensation and underemployment taxes -insurance.

So I was running around asking "Employers who are Voting Delegates to the AFM Convention to vote for me so I can get "More for the Musicians" never gonna happen as they are not going to vote against their own selfish interest as employers masquerading as union officials.

This is what Ned Guthrie warned me about before he died i was to young and didn't get it I saw it by the convention in 2007.

The US Government does nothing to police the union corruption and it is sad that as long as employers sit in AFM offices there is never going to be a chance for the AFM to be a labor union.

Michael Troy Moore
[email protected]

Robert wrote:

Vice President

This is a very interesting race. Neither of the two major candidate is more than marginally credible by traditional standards. Bruce Fife is handicapped by being relatively unknown to the delegates, and in particular by never having served on the IEB. I suspect, in fact, that he would be the first VP in a long time not to have been an IEB member first.

So the delegates will either elect the first AFM VP never to have been on the IEB - or the first AFM VP to have lost his bid for re-election to his Local office. I suspect they'll do the first, but this one could hinge on who gets elected president as much as the merits of the VP candidates themselves.

Actually, there have been two VPs who had not first been on the Executive Committee, that I know of.

The first was Tom Kenney, president of the Sacramento local, who ran for AFM VP in 1983 against sitting VP David Winstein of New Orleans, and won. Kenney's time was short-lived, literally. He had a fatal heart attack during his first term, and Mark Massagli was appointed to the post.

The second was Harold Bradley. Harold was appointed to the VP post vacated by then-VP Tom Lee when Lee became Secretary-Treasurer after engineering Steve Sprague's ouster in 1998. Harold had not previously served in any Federation capacity.

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