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June 18, 2010


Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting your thoughts on this. I answered some of your questions about the poll along with some additional details you were wondering about in today's Adaptistration: http://www.adaptistration.com/2010/06/21/leave-the-afm-i-dont-think-so/


I don't think they should leave the AFM as for good or for bad the AFM still has the collective bargaining agreements, there was a point where members of the UFCW who I use to represent asked me about de-certification process yes they can throw out the union however in doing so they "HAVE NOTHING" no contract, no representatives and management can change the working conditions and pay without notice and the members would have no way to file a grievance.

My advice is to NEVER De-certify.

I have not been around the "AFM Problems" is awhile and that is nice it seems that all side still fight over everything they did when I was around.

It is a shame.

I think I wish you most of you- well I wish all of you well and I hope that the future is bright for the AFM and you guys can find a way past the bullshit and get something done.

Take care,

Michael Troy Moore

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