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June 13, 2010


"Maybe Tom is right and delegates will agree with him that Pomeroy was in the wrong.......and that signatory employers should be invited to serve as rank-and-file members of a union-side negotiating committee."

Now really!! How could ANY reasonably rational delegate possibly come to such a conclusion?? Unless, of course, whatever spell Tom Lee has been able to cast continues to cloud all reason.

Like the MPTF giveaway , the Video Game Sellout and the jingle collusion, we see yet another traitorous action from our esteemed president . Once again Tom seems to want to side with employers when he feels like it will work against one of his fellow Union brothers . Is there no limit to the shameful depths that Tom Lee will sink to, in order to stay in power? Unbelievable ! And what about his IEB enablers ?Throw all the bums out before they kill this Federation.
Bruce Bouton
Local 257 Delegate

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