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June 26, 2010


I'm with Tony on this one. Had Tom been re -elected he would have certainly destroyed this federation. In fact during his Southern conference speech and his openng speech he brought up the fallacy that dumbing down our collective bargaining agreements would somehow force recording work to migrate out of the recording centers and save the small locals. It was nothing more than a declaration of class warfare to try and get himself re elected. Thankfully , this time, common sense prevailed.


I thought the new blue nylon lanyard for delegate badges was a major improvement over the usual "light bulb chain" from previous conventions and is worth a mention.

Most emotional moment(s) for me were musical. The Rob McConnell arrangement of "Oh Canada" on the opening day was fabulous. It's not been used the past few conventions and I've missed it. The second emotional moment was Brother John McCutcheon with fellow Local 1000 delegates leading us in "Solidarity Forever". That was a truly joyous moment.

yoiy cant move on until you let go of the bitterness. Your candidates won and im sure president ray hair would say the same. Everyone also includes tom lee, harold bradley, bob mcgrew and billy linneman. Lets start now respecting one another. Im in if you are.

Actually, not such rude comments, Donna - only an expression of how many people (like me) feel after years of torturous abuse, and witnessing our once great union being weakened in every way as it was turned into a battlefield. But I do believe that now we can truly move on, and put the AFM back into working order. That's my wish for everyone in the AFM - we should be a union in every way, for every member, regardless of professional role.

If you keep it up with the rude comments, our new officers and board do not stand a chance of making any change, the bitterness will continue and three years, from now we will be moew divided. I for one would like to see them succeed. Lets all help them out by rrespecting each other.

Most emotional moment?

"No question here; it was Tom's farewell speech. It was obviously a very emotional moment for him, especially when he thanked his significant other, Teresa Gafford, for her support over the years (at which point she received a standing ovation) and when he told the delegates “your trust in me over the last nine years is one of the greatest, greatest honors I've ever had.”

It's hard to feel any empathy or sympathy for a guy who betrayed every tenet of unionism, and even human decency or ethical behavior, simply to serve his own personal purposes and ego gratification. Perhaps the standing ovation was in spontaneous gratitude that finally he's gone.

Let's hope the Riv makes it that long. I think its fate is in the hands of its creditors. It is close to Chapter 11 these days.

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