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June 12, 2010


Well, if there was something about the schedule on the Convention website, it isn't there now. That opens a whole new field of speculation, ranging from "someone actually considered violating the bylaws but was talked out of it" to "someone intends to do something in conflict with the bylaws and wants to surprise everyone with it."

While Article 18, Section 1 does specify the schedule, Article 19, Section 3 requires that the Convention designate the time of the nominations and elections "not later than the first day it is in session."

It is best to interpret bylaws so that its provisions do not conflict with one another. So, a valid interpretation would be that the nominations and elections take place on the days as provided in the bylaws, but the actual times on those days are determined by the Convention.

There is also the matter of what a candidate can reasonably expect going into the Convention, and a reasonable assumption is that there would be enough time to campaign while at the Convention in accordance with the schedule in Article 18 Section 1. Changing the nominations and elections to Monday by whatever means would probably result in all sorts of election challenges.

Regardless of the reason, the Bylaws are pretty explicit on the subject. I don't see how the election can be moved short of an emergency resolution altering the relevant bylaw.

No - but I'll give you three guesses.......

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