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May 21, 2010


I can comment on three of the Recommendations/Resolutions that I've had some direct involvement in.

First, Recommendation 3 is an issue that I've been very focused on, going back to a similar Recommendation in 2003. At Local 99, we have been very focused on Media Consolidation, and while I won't go into all the activities, it has lead to our being a major participant in the acquisition of a construction permit to build a full power non commercial educational radio station, whose programming will be focused on local music, arts and culture. Should be on air in late summer, KZME.FM. The AFM did send me to Minneapolis in 2008 for the National Conference on Media Reform presented by Free Press, due in large part to my urging that we should have a presence there.

Resolution 48-Initiation Fees waiver. This came out of Local 99 and it has been my experience from conversations that I've had with other officers that this has been used a fair amount and has been found to be of value. We certainly utilize if at Local 99.

Resolution 62-This resolution had it's genesis within several Western Conference Locals including Denver, Portland, Seattle, etc., and this was the second try at getting something that would work as a joint venture agreement. I was very disappointed at what finally landed on my desk, as it had little resemblance to what we were looking for, and ultimately was completed with very little input from those that were pushing for it. What we were given is not something that has any value in the real world, in my opinion.

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