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November 05, 2009


Dave Pomeroy resigned as RMA president before he was elected President of Local 257. Mike Brignardello succeeded Dave as interim president. A anything.Just few months ago Mike stepped down due to work commitments and the RMA Nashville board asked me to step in until elections could be held in 2010.
Dave went to the Video Tape negotiations as the President of Local 257 not as an RMA anything.Just because he is a member of the RMA does not mean he was representing the Player Conference. In fact it is my understanding that he was concerned over the lack of player conference representation. The player conference should choose their own representatives.
AS far as I know, the RMA was never notified of the negotiations and did not respond to the RMA until Phil Ayling sent an inquiry. I was never on any CC list and I represent hundreds of musicians that work on TV. In fact I've done a bunch of television this year, including THE Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon , Jimmy Kimball, Good Morning America, ThE CMT awards, The ACM Awards, The Canadian Country Music Awards, Regis And Kelly, America's Got Talent and Craig Ferguson. In addition I've done a number of Network specials. At the least It would have been nice to have been asked an opinion
The Federation is doing everything in it's power to marginalize the player conference that pays a big portion of the bills. To most of these small locals, RMA is a four letter word. Branding Pomeroy with RMA appears like a good way to undermine the credibility of a great leader and a good man.
Tom Lee knows exactly what he's doing. He's a smart guy. Wonder if he knows Carl Rove?

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