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June 26, 2009


I agree Marc. Frankly I would be happy to write twice as many press releases for half of the $$$. I didn't notice that the AFM got any publicity in Vanity Fair or People Magazine. Or even Downbeat or Modern Drummer for that matter.


Well let's see; $116,000 in 2008. On the AFM website there are a grand total of 26 press releases for that year...assuming that our buddies at the Carmen Group created all of them, that comes to $4461.00 per press release.

Inclusive of the ones that were already created by the AFL-CIO, etc.

Perhaps the next convention should start looking at how to solve the financial emergency. Can't get started to early on a financial crisis, now, can we?

It seems strange to me that while the AFM claims to need all of this income and at the same time spends $116,000 on the Carmen Group. Can anyone out there tell me what is going on here? What did we get for the $116K?

David Finck

Wait a minute:

$116,000.00? Really?

What did we get for the $116,000.00 that we paid? Can anyone on the IEB or any local officers or rank and file tell me? What exactly are we spending our money on?

David Finck

So let's see...our AFM paid the Carmen Group over $116,000 dollars last year.

The failed Videogames strategy garnered less than $10,000 last year in AFM work dues.

All sorts of professional-looking anonymous blog postings have supported the IEB's Videogames strategies, many of them right here on the AFM Observer.

Who is making out big here? Follow the money...out of your pocket, and into the Carmen Group.

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