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November 27, 2008


Yes, but did you read the part in the newsletter where Local 47 was so concerned that another Local actually referenced the good work of the COMMITTEE that the Local 47 board called up the offending Local and berated them for even mentioning the COMMITTEE in their official minutes.

Sure, point out a minor error here or there, but the COMMITTEE has made huge progress in exposing a ton of misdeeds at the RMA and Local 47. To start with, they broke the story that the President of the RMA-LA was doing buyout work over in London on "The Water Horse" - sort of pulls the rug out from under all the RMA "don't do buyout work" propaganda. This courageous group of people actually has the guts to say what everyone is talking about, and the many positive comments they publish with each newsletter prove they have an audience who appreciates their work.

And what's with the Karl Rovian reference? The protector of the wealthy and rich is clearly the RMA here - the COMMITTEE is working hard to help get MORE recording work for players so that work might get spread around a bit instead of being concentrated in the hands of the chosen few. More work projects other than A-list studio films means lots more AFM recording sessions that are presently being done in Seattle, Europe, etc.

Watchdog groups like the COMMITTEE are a necessary check and balance, especially considering the recent history of Local 47 and its behavior towards the AFM, not to mention the multiple lawsuits, etc Local 47 is currently involved with.

Why bother with facts when Karl Rovian tactics will do?

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