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October 27, 2008


What have you done people? 2 posters on this board have dared to challenge the holier than though RMA. Don't you know that recording musicians are the only ones qualified to even hold an instrument? The AFM has always used the mantra "Live Music is Best." That's a farce we all know that the only music that really counts is that music that is captured on tape by a bunch of self absorbed, pompus, musicians.

"Unconscionable and contemptable"? A quick look back at the ruthless tactics of "Team Espinosa" over the past years, especially during the elections, combined with Espinosa (and Local 47 officers) serving their RMA masters first, provide plenty of reasons why he might be the first to "go" when this had to be done.

To the victor go the spoils? Clearly those who mistake concern with whining when discussing the AFM-EP fund must not have much at stake in it. To fret about feelings instead of the fund is an absurdity. You'd rather Tom Lee be treated with kid gloves and be surrounded by "yes men" than the fund be treated with vigilance by rational, logical thinkers. It is the responsibility of the members to think critically, question, and investigate the reasons and motives of those making decisions and power plays over the members' futures. Removing the longest standing union trustee with the most training, education, and experience after a resolution was made to minimize the union trustee turnover, with the only given reasons in the above letter, warrants the query of motivation for such a reckless decision. This is not about winning or losing... the "spoils" should be viewed as the health of the fund.

This blog, and Ed Ward have been taking shots at Tom for years. He should have cleaned house years ago and ridded the Federation of those of you that have continually stabbed he, and the majority of members of the AFM in the back. ED, you and Hal lost, you may continue to think your the best candidates, but the majority say's different. To the victor go the spoils...stop whining

I must say that Tom Lee's removal of Hal Espinosa was yet another example of how to torpedo folks who don't always agree with you. He told Hal that since he was retiring from his office in Local 47, he should step down. What about Melinda Wagner. She hasn't held local office in years? What about Harold Bradley who hasn't been at a pension meeting in a year and a half? Doesn't ERISA law require trustees on a pension fund to exercise fiduciary responsibility? You can bet that if somehow the majority of the Union Trustees aren't in Tom's pocket, he will find a reason to add a trustee. Besides, Hal is the most senior and most experienced trustee on the board. He's been there longer than Tom. It's true that Tom has the power to appoint and remove Trustees. He does not have the right to increase or decrease the number of trustees without board approval. If he alone or he and Norman Samnick decided to do this on their own, it was just wrong. What about the other trustees? Did anyone know about this? Lots of questions, but few answers, and when we do get answers they seem to be made up to hide the truth. Hal Espinosa was treated very shabbily. It's a disgrace to treat someone who has served so well for so long in this manner. This action was unconscionable and contemptable.
Ed Ward

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