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October 20, 2008


I wrote a letter to the editor for the forthcoming December issue of 802's Allegro about another "RESPONSIBLE COMMITTEE" person as follows:

"Publication in the Musicians’ Voice column of Local 47 member Charles Fernandez’ letter bad-mouthing both the current Local 47 administration and the RMA-NY’s board and its chair Roger Blanc does nothing to further the calls for “unity” espoused by Landolfi and AFM President Tom Lee. Fernandez’ website indicates that most of his commercial composing/arranging was used as “additional scoring” (not major film composing) for MGM and Disney cartoons. Further, he is the chief voice behind THE COMMITTEE FOR A MORE RESPONSIBLE LOCAL 47 (their caps, not mine), a malcontent group fomenting revolt against the International RMA “elites,” its LA chapter and 47’s current administration whose president ran against Lee at the last AFM convention."

It seems that Tom Lee's propagandists are alive and very busy.

Obviously this person knows nothing about Nashville. If he did he would be aware of the meeting held at the 257 Union Hall ,on Dec 8th. It was the biggest turn-out since I became a member in 1978.
The meeting was concerning the resolution signed by 180 of Nashville's finest, expressing their concerns that our local leaders do not fairly represent Nashville musicians. The resolution was struck down by some parliamentary nonsense and an attempt was made adjourn the meeting. The membership insisted on having their voices heard and almost unanimously condemned the war going on between the Federation and the RMA. Harold Bradley spent the meeting attacking LA musicians and lashing out at any Nashville Musicians that spoke in sympathy with our LA brethren.
Yesterday he wrote a scathing attack on the LA recording community in the Nashville Paper. This does nothing to foster progress in our quest for fairness.
Now this fella Ric Blanc has shown up, for what reason I don't know. Seems like he's here to stir things up.

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