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August 28, 2008


Ed, Hal and how many the other victims of the Tom Lee corruption Machine!

Ed and or Hal would have fixed the AFM or at least put it back in positive direction.

Tom Lee is sitting on to many non-AFM board seats to get anything done and if Tom Lee trys to run the AFL-CIO that would be the nail in the coffin of that organization, at least John Sweeny was an Organizer back in the day, the only Tom Lee ever organized was the destruction of Union Reps/ and officers careers and the shutting down of the expansion of the AFM.

How many bodies are around from the corruption of bad union officials and their lust for power?

I am seeing it not only in the AFM but also in the UFCW, Teamsters, SEIU and CWA.

Union organizers, Business Reps and officers who started working for the unions for the right reasons only to find dead weight no talent criminals in the way of advancing the unions-labor movement.

I washed my hands of AFM Local 12 membership on the 1st of January, they are still paying Joe Benson's AFM Pension credits even thought the former AFM Local 12 officer has been in federal prison since July of 2005 for his 5th and 6th child Molestation charges of 2 boys who were musicians at the Sacramento Youth Symphony.

Benson will not get out of prison until 2017 however the AFM is still paying him off with pension contribution while he is incarcerated.

Tom Lee & Sam Folio were informed in 2005 & 2006 in writing.

The AFM Pension was also notified.

The Illegal Local 12 AFM payroll service (a private business operating inside AFM Local 12 with no oversight and in excess of $ 4,000,000.00+ each year) Is still defrauding Social Security, Workers Compensation, unemployment benefits and the IRS.

A AFM Local 12 member killed in a car wreak on the way to a AFM contacted gig family was screwed out of benefits when the AFM contract "Disappeared" after this members death and was put down as a non-union-non contracted DARK DATE!

Bush's Department of Labor fails to investigates the Unions and the AFM because it serves the Bush Crime family and all business interests to have incompetent and corrupt union officers who keep the union from growing, they (the Union officers on the take) that they will not be hassled by the DOL/OLSM as long as the Status Quo remains.

Labor leaders and union has been bought as sold and are owned by business interests.

Until these bastards died in office or go to jail nothing will change.

A strong labor movement and growing union is not in the best interest of those controlling unions today.

Ed & Hal are great guys and if Tom Lee was not a psychopath and Sam Folio a Carnival Barker The AFM back in the 1990 would have been growing organization.

Over 30 years of these Clowns Scamming and working against the AFM have brought us to what we have today a slowly Dying Union, but if you look at their time line and the years before they retire you will see EVERTYTHING Tom Lee & Sam Folio have done has been for their own personal interests even if it was not in the best interest of the AFM at large, they have timed the Collaspe of the AFM to happen just after they retire.

Coincidence? make this puppy live at least until we retire.....


And so, two very decent men - Ed Ward in '05 and Hal Espinosa in '07 - were ground up by the AFM's arcane structure and Tom Lee's political machine.

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