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May 30, 2008


The commitee is made up of an extremly small minority of local 47 members.i would guess that they number less than 25 members out of thousands of local 47 members. Unfortunately someone gave them the Email list of all of the locals in the US and Canada so they are able to send all of their nonsense throughout the Federation. It gives the appearance that they have the true knowledge when in fact it is nothing more than propaganda initiated from WHERE ????? If you notice they never reveal themselves. (For fear of reprisal from the RMA) Give me a break.I know for a fact that Nashville Recording musicians are getting sick and tired of the RMA International being left out of any discussion concerning recording agreements yet we are not bombarding every local with the truth, as opposed to the "Commitee"sending out their rantings.
I would welcome the "Commitee" to reveal themselves in order to have an intelligent conversation but I doubt that will happen.
I'll leave one thought to anyone thats interested.
The author of this blog has no vested interest in the Recording businees. He's a symphony player that cares about his fellow musicians.. It sure seems like the "Observer" has a much clearer picture than the Federation or the "Commitee" want's to paint.

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