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May 23, 2008


I found ou a few minutes ago,

Someone got sued, threaten, bought off or just got burnt out.


Some one like myself whom the AFM bad guys have "No Control" over should start a blog that can not be stopped for the AFM Members?

I had some strange emails after my posts in the last two weeks on AFM in Trouble.

I don't know if it triggered something when I send a email to the person with the answers to the questions?


How screwed of a union is the AFM- I have been attacked by the Bad Guys censorship before, My champaign statement was Censored from the May 2007 International Musician and did not even make in print without a threat of a lawssuit against Sam Folio.

A day late and a dollar short, when the Lawyer for the AFM told Sam to print it in the June 2007 issue that missed most of the Delegates until after the convention.

I did notice that in my absense from the AFM matters (I am dealing with something much larger that the AFM at this time) that some one LINKED my champaign statement where I accuses Tom, Sam and others in the AFM of R.I.C.C.O. Stautes Violations.

This was linked in the last few months so "Some one got my message in my statement"

AFM Local 12 stole a AFM Local 12 web site domain I had, by hacking into the account and transfering ownership (Without a court order)only minutes after expiration of the fee, I had the account on what is called "SAFE RENEWAL" with my credit card since April 1999 as I do with all of my web domains.

AFM Local 12 Reformers web site and the Sonic Laborers And Visual Entertainer Union Web domains were both DESTORYED at the same moment from agents of AFM Local 12 via Macnexus.org

(Oddly enough the Board minutes Local 12 refuse to mail to me 4 months later stated that Local 12 board gave permission to "TAKE" afm local 12 reform sites)

Sonic Laborers Web domain was SHUT DOWN at the same moment AFM Local 12 reform site was "STOLEN" from me from the same adminstration page.

This was done when Agents of Local12-macnexus.org Hacked into my domain controls.

So they stole the AFM Local 12 domain and destoryed Sonic Laborers Union web page.

At 12:32 a.m. on the night of the renewal.

But they did not touch my band web site or my other entertainment web sites.

I think this was brought about when I posted documents Show criminal Conspraicy in the creation of AFM Local 12 Payroll service.

I posted documents with signatures of Joe Benson, Jerry Murhpy, Goldsmith and employer Stan Lunetta and his wife working as agent of Local 12.

The payroll service was made to Defraud the IRS, SSI Workers Comp. and Unemployment Contributions.

Several Employers made thispac knowing it was against the law inorder to not pay their employees contributions that are manitory under state and federal law.

John Skinner an Employer who was also a part of the unlawfull payroll service used the Unions lawyer against the sidemen employed by him in the early 1990's when his sidemen challenged the employer employee relationsship.

The side men did not have representation and Local 12 lawyer refused to remove himself from this matter and represent an Employer against 20 AFM Members and Local 12 backed up Skinner because He was promised the payroll service would protect him from laibilty of being and employer.

I have sat and watch several shows of John Skinner's band and Stan Lunetta bands.

Both are employers under the state of california control test, but are still having AFM Local 12 direct sidemen to file as "Independant Contrators"

Why is the Union directing Union members to wavie or give up legal rights and status of an employee in favor of less for the sidemen and more for employers?


AFM Local 12 and the employers.

Tom Lee and Sam Folio have been sent copies of the documents and will not responsed.

They ingore this fact and that makes them accessories to the crimes of AFM Local 12 and the Employers.

So with that said, now you know why they done their best to censor any blog or anyone who knows their crimes.

They DESTORYED 2 of my web sites and stole 1 of them after I posted the details.

I am not surpirsed the AFM in TROUBLE is gone............

Michael Troy Moore

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