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June 10, 2007


Why I stand corrected on a technicality, I think my point is with any election regardless a of run-off language in the Federation Bylaws that more than candidate for a single office always chops the votes up even if only by a small amount.

I thank you for bring my attention back to the bylaw, and letting me rephrase my post.

I just want to say it is never a cake walk for anyone seeking office or trying to get re-elected.

I want to add that the "Rumor Mill" surrounding elections does affect the out come, but just because you or others may choose one candidate over the other I think we can all agree (If we really care about being a democratically run Labor Union) that why not place all candidates out there for the voting delegates to look at and examine for themselves?

I think there is only really 2 to 3 awful candidates in this election, and they are incumbents.
(See their track record)

I think it is wrong not to hear what each candidate says and give them a chance to be heard and voted for or against based on what they are really about.

I think it is wrong that the "Rumor Mill" is now saying another non-incumbent candidate is "NUTZ" how is that fair?

I have endure years of being called names and crazy long before I ever sought union office, but when the incumbents are called something or allegations are against them, they immediately cry foul and their supporters say "You have no proof and baseless and without merit" or "Innocent until proven guilty".

In prefect world I would agree, However we do not live in a perfect world and I would like to say "how come that standard of "Innocent until proven guilty" & " There is no proof, baseless and without merit" doesn't apply to rank and file members or local officers, who question the system and want to seek union office?

I see the use of calling someone seeking office as Crazy or Nutz as a standard Spin Doctoring that A union President or officer throws out when ever some one wants the job or the job that might affect that officers control on the union, Such as a IEB spot, but that candidate is not in the pocket of the head officers.

You know why I know that the Crazy or Nutz card is a text book classic SLAM against a new candidate running for office.

Because my mentor threw that out against a upstart food clerk when that rank and file member was Seeking office of the President of the local, We all believed our fearless leader and why shouldn't we all thought and we got behind our president and supported him.

Maybe the rank and file member was not crazy, I do not know? If he had "Bad Ideas" for the future of the union that is what the President should have campaign against, not that he was crazy unless it could be proven through some kind of public record.

In some ways, I think all of the crap that has been alleged and thrown at me since I have been in the AFM has just strengthen my resolve to rid the AFM of corruption, employers and union busters.

What is Tom or Sam going to blame me for or say there is pictures of Paris Hilton and I naked in Santa Monica on a boat?

While I am not perfect, I am not a sellout, union buster, cheat, or criminal.

Tom & Sam can say what they will about me!

I am a union man, I am battle harden and coming to the Convention.

The rest is up to the voting delegates....

MTM said: "That is the facts in a 3 or more way race, the threshold to win is lowered."

No it isn't. Read the bylaw. Art:19 Sec:5

Sam will win in a walk? yea maybe in a "Perp Walk"

As for Quentin Solano who is Sam and my opponent in this race, I will say nothing bad about him,I don't really know him so I will not attack him, Quentin Solano has every right to run for the same office I am running for.

The Blog writer here also says...
"are (Not) going to be seen by most of the voting delegates as credible alternatives,"

Well how can any candidate be seen among a boat load of Censorship and dirty tricks from Sam Folio?

Sam won only by 8 votes or so in 2005, the vote was recounted several times and even Sam Folio flew out of Las Vegas before it was declared and he had to fly back into be sworn in.

Sam Folio was last on Tom Lee's list of people to run for Sec-Tres.

Quite frankly if Sam only won by 51 percent in the last election and the poles show he is even more hated and disliked in 2007, that does open the doors for Quentin Solano or me (Michael Troy Moore) to win the seat with less than 51 percent of the vote.

That is the facts in a 3 or more way race, the threshold to win is lowered.

I would like the delegates to review Sam Folio. Michael Troy Moore and Quentin Solano record and meet and shake hands with all 3 of us and put us to debate.

Then vote for who you think is best, who ever wins really needs a mandate by the delegates so they can go to work for the AFM with the support of the delegates and not only a fraction of support or we will still have this infighting.

and lastly the person who said:

"And Tina Morrison just sounds like some kind of a nut"

I want to ask where does this faceless poster get off throwing that out about Tina?

The only thing Tina has ever said is what a true Trade unionist would say and if you attack that and call her a nut? then you have something to hide or are a employer inside of the AFM.

Tina is a fine labor representative and I have had people call me a nut and much worse over the years as I try to help the AFM, but each time it is done by a faceless poster.

Delegates do not listen to faceless slamming of candidates for office.


I hope you're right about Tom and Sam. I don't know about the candidates running for IEB except that I wouldn't want anyone from Local 47 that is associated with RMA. And Tina Morrison just sounds like some kind of a nut.

it's a shame about Harold. He marches blindly to the drumbeat of Thom Lee and will vote which ever way he is told in spite of the discontent of his own membership.

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