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June 25, 2007


I am in possession of a letter dated 7-26-2007 from De facto-Secretary/Treasure Sam Folio

The body of the letter attempts to address my challenges of the AFM International Elections of Officers at the 97th convention in June of 2007.

Lee-Folio-Bradley-Herriot-Hair-Parente Signed on to it and turned down my challenge.

Oddly enough it was Ray Hair that pulled me aside at the convention and encouraged me to file the challenge saying the "AFM is really FUCKED UP! and I support you if you file a challenge".

Ray Hair must be 2 faced or blocked in and must have felt pressure to vote with Lee & Folio.

Not Concurring was Hal Espinosa-Executive board member.

At least Hal had a set of balls and back bone to stand ground on the ruling.

THere is a severe problem with Folio's actions in regards to my election challenge.

1) Regardless of the "Standing Rules of the Convention" it was appropriate to send the challenge to the election chair person, since Folio & Lee are being charged with election misconduct, you can not have the Fox guarding the Hen House it really is that simple.

The Standing rules in this instance were not lawful or practical and that is why my certified letter with the challenge and details of wrongdoing was address to the election chair person, some one at the AFM headquarters SIGNED for it and I never was sent a response from the election chair person, however I was sent a responded to that same letter from De facto-Secretary/Treasure Sam Folio asking for details.

The details and the list of election wrong doing and criminal activity were included in the letter addressed to the election chair person but wound up in the possession of De facto-Secretary/Treasure Sam Folio who can't seem to find it's contents, well this is nothing new remember what happen to my campaign statement that then Secretary/Treasure Sam Folio admits to misplacing?

Folio seems to lose or commits spoilage of documents/evidence every time they wind up in his possession when those documents state incriminating him, Tom Lee does the same thing.

They both have a "Documented history" of doing this.

Sam Folio still has not responded to "Why he intercepted my Certified letter containing my challenges in detail to the election chair person"

Folio's actions constituted obstruction of justice and possibly felony mail tampering/fraud.

I will amend my challenges to the AFM in light of this and make sure the US postal authorities conduct an investigation of Folio and AFM Agents.

2) I am under no obligation to resubmit my challenge once it was signed for, if they lost or destroy the documents sent to the chair person that is their problem.

3) Folio's letter of 7-26-2007 does not address contents of my main challenges sent to the election chair person, but takes word for word "Items' placed on AFM blogs and here say.

Which is inappropriate, I believe that items included in my challenges were so substantial against Folio and Lee, that Folio "Fabricated" a challenge from items from the blogs and here say in order to give the appearance of due diligence and misrepresent to everyone the facts and details of my actual challenges which have now been destroyed by Sam Folio to protect ongoing criminal enterprise within the AFM.

I will find a way to post Folio's letter of 7-26-2007 and you will all see how absurd and self severing it is to their criminal enterprises.

The AFM is not a UNION at this time.

Withhold your dues until Lawfully monitor elections are conducted.



I want to point out the Federation's Sec-tres. may be tampering with mail sent to the Election Chair Person.


Subject: Re: Letter from International Secretary Treasurer Folio
Date: 7/6/2007 1:17:36 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: MooresofNorCal
Reply To:
To: nadines@afm.org, Billy@afm257.org, bobherriot@afm.org, pres@promusic47.org, local77@afm.org, rhair@musiciansdfw.org
CC: presoffice@afm.org, sectreas@afm.org, jfreund@bredhoff.com

""""To Secretary-Treasurer Sam Folio,

Why are you responding to my notice of challenges to the election which was mailed to the election chair person?

The certified letter containing my challenges of the AFM International election was not addressed to you.

I would like your answer on why you have intercepted a letter sent via US certified mail addressed to the AFM's election chair person?

Also I would like to know why Billy@afm257.org was sent a copy of this email, since this person is not an officer of the AFM until August 1st, 2007.

I await your answers.

Michael Troy Moore
Member AFM Local 12-Sacramento""""

(Below is Sam Folio's email-letter to me)

Subject: Letter from International Secretary Treasurer Folio
Date: 7/5/2007 1:54:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: nadines@afm.org
Reply To:
To: MooresofNorCal@aol.com, Billy@afm257.org, bobherriot@afm.org, pres@promusic47.org, local77@afm.org, rhair@musiciansdfw.org
CC: presoffice@afm.org, sectreas@afm.org, jfreund@bredhoff.com

Mr. Moore-

Please see the attached letter from International Secretary-Treasurer Folio.

Thank you.


Nadine Sylvester

Executive Secretary to Sam Folio

AFM International Secretary-Treasurer

American Federation of Musicians

1501 Broadway, Suite 600 * New York, NY 10036

Direct: 917-229-0224 or V: 212-869-1330 X1224 * F: 212-768-7452

nadines@afm.org * www.afm.org

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