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June 20, 2007


I got an RMA mailing about the convention that shows great imagination. But it was almost pure fantasy. One line of the mailing went like this:

"Officers Phil Ayling, Bruce Bouton and Dave Pomeroy spoke, negotiated and lobbied with energy, intelligence and eloquence"

The words intellegence and eloquence aren't words that most would use in the same paragraph with the names Ayling, Bouton and Pomeroy.

Thanks for your well-written comments and astute observations. Perhaps you should consider keeping us informed about internal affairs between conventions. It looks like the fun is only beginning.

Thanks so much for your voice at the Convention.

Well, I guess this means that the NPR, Iraq and Same-Sex Marriage issues will go down too . . . . although I wouldn't be too upset with the Same-Sex Marriage issue going down. My wife and I have been having the Same-Sex for 20 years now and it's getting a little boring.

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