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June 21, 2007


The previous poster has pretty much hit it on all cylinders. When will all full-time musicians finally decide to remove this dinosaur/albatross from their backs?

Forget that there were so many misstatements and misrepresentations of the facts. Forget that the AFM and Finance Committee undertook no detailed study of how much money the financial package would really generate, which is actually grossly miscalculated (both under in some areas and over in others). Forget that it is highly suspect how much of the 2% work dues on the back-end of the FMSMF the Federation will actually be able to collect. Forget that the Chair of the Finance Committee and likely most if not all the members of that Committee have little or no knowledge whatsoever of how the FMSMF and Phono SPF work and how their operations are funded. Forget that the Participants of those Funds already pay for 100% of the administration of those Funds. Forget that this was supposed to be about everyone sharing the pain. This was really about the punishment of one small segment of the AFM membership that in the end will be saddled with somewhere around 75% of the entire financial package. A pretty hefty price for not agreeing with the AFM President, and a shameful lapse of democracy on the part of the delegates.

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