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June 26, 2007


Well said, Gordon!!!!! One of my favorite local presidents.

The Delegates voted to defy the flip-flopping of affirmative action laws and their effect on the DOL's enforcement of labor law. For me that is enough to call it civil obedience. I am not a lawyer but play one in the orchestra pit. If the government ordered the locals to merge, set quotas based on race to help give a leg up to the disadvantaged and disenfrachived and then reversed itself, what is a delegate to do?

Please check out this Historical Reference. The Detroit Federation of Musicians was the first integrated local to affiliate with the AFM in 1917. However, Local 5 placed a small x in the upper left hand corner of African American members as late as 1987. Elections were then profiled by race. The Jewish clothiers in Detroit used a system called double x. Black customers were identified with a small xx on their customer records. Customers with the xx were often given unfavorable credit terms and other less than favorable deals. One can assume that the x method was a known form of racial profiling.

If the DOL wants to make a big issue out of the merged delegates, I would support notifying the high profile civil rights activists who often get involved in such things. The AFM could use the national exposure and it is cheaper than a PR firm.

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