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March 31, 2006


Dennis did have the next amount of votes, If I was Dennis I would have challenge the IEB elections results, due to the Vote Tally list from Table 2 "FLOATING" around the count out room for over 45 minutes before reaching the gal with the Lap Top to enter the results, that tally sheet was "Not Counted" and "Unsigned" when it left the table anyone in the room could have checked or tampered with that Tally list, it would not have made a bit of difference in my run for IEB last July I only had around 50 votes, so I did not press the issue and I did bring it up to Patricia Pollack and made a record of it at the time it happen.

If Dennis was only was beaten by 5 votes then there should have been a recount for IEB, also when you keep having union elections that are sloppy, or have the appearance of "Monkey Business" it doesn't bring unity and strength to the union, it keeps people in factions and some people in office that should not be there.

The last AFM election to me looked like they ( or the votes) "SPILT THE BABY DOWN THE MIDDLE" the Let put the AFM team back together and the Team Lee running the International, hardly unified Executive Branch of officers, I say this not to citizen but just to make a point it was pretty close to a 50/50 split of control on the IEB, the AFM needs better than a 50/50 if Team Lee gets a majority control things will move forward, maybe not where some people would want but it will still move forward Team Lee will have the votes to make Team Lee things happen.

Just after the election I was sent a personal Email from one of the International Officers telling me they wished I had won a IEB seat and wishing me the best for me and my family that some union will employ me full time again someday, The funny thing is? that the AFM keeps hiring and appointing people and that officer HAS NOT EVEN GAVE ME A PHONE CALL TO ASK IF I WAS INTERESTED IN ANY POSITION.

His best wishes Email must have been Bullshit "I wished you would have won the IEB seat"
yea sure sure....

I am hearing of negotiators being hired at $30,000+ a year for the AFM
My phone has not rang, I haven't even been asked by the International to do anything even in a volunteer position, yet the International has problems that I can handle.

It is my understanding that Dennis needs work, and could have used the pay from sitting in a IEB spot.

Hell I could have used the position to and it would have worked well with what I am doing now and I could have helped the AFM International.

There was a boat load of people that ran for IEB that could have helped, did any of them even get a phone call?

Otis was or is the head of the Diversity Committee, I spoke with a few times met him at the convention, seem to be a smart guy so maybe it was a good choice?

Best of luck for him.

I just want to know if any other IEB candidates in the July 2005 AFM International Election were called by any of the other International officers in consideration to fill Mark Jones IEB Spot?

If so who? else was considered? if anyone else was even thought of?

I think that is an important question that would show trust and goodwill towards the future of the AFM or was this just another good ole boys done deal from AFM Back Together or Team Lee?

With all the greatest respect for Dennis Lynch, he was a full time employee of the AFM and most all of the networking and political relationships he made were a result of his day job. I understand to work with him is to love and respect him so that was a real plus for the local delegates assigned to him.

However, to pass him over because he was an employee is cold but not ethically and morally unacceptable if the other candidates were looked at and considered for election in order of votes received. Passing over Dennis is passing over Dennis either way. The candidate who are elected local officers and work 60-80 hours a week for very little money and very big dedication were screwed along with the delegates and the members they represent. So far this is the worst of the AFM but there will be more. Stay tuned

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