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September 04, 2005


The AFM has set up a system through which you can reach out and assist our brothers and sisters in the Gulf Coast region affected by hurricane Katrina.

Please go to link below to learn more about what you can do to help.


Best wishes,


Under BUSH in office, Trades Centers in NY are gone!, Jobs are gone!, The Space Shuttle with the first Jewish person in Space Gone! The Bill of Rights Gone! The ecconomy Gone! and Now New Orleans Gone!
What is next San Francisco?
America is losing under this Creep who doesn't give a dam about Black People! wait he doesn't care about any people if they are not in the 1 percent of the richest people of the planet!

Next election in 2008 let's elected somebody who not a mega rich butt pirate!
I do not trust the left or the right wing anymore there really is no differance!

Find a working class person with an IQ over 160 and put them in office, Bush's IQ has been rated at 87 why did anyone put him up for running for President?
The Emperor has no CLUE!

and no I will not Vote for Bill Clinton wife in 2008, because this is getting like nepotism, Bush SR. in the late 80's was President, then Bill Clinton, now the retard Bush Son since 2000, oh and now give it back Clinton's???
This nation shall not be ruled by Royal Famlies, is shall be ruled by the people!

The Mega Rich Butt Pirates are just handing the nation back and forth among each other like it Rich Butt Pirate musical chairs.

on another note.......

I had the choice yesterday (Friday)afternoon to go Golfing with Pink skinned white haired old men, who like Golf more than Sex or go out and Protest, well guess which option I picked?

I went out to Interstate 80 over pass out side of my office just out side of Sacramento from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. with an oversized picket sign that simply said:


After a few minutes the Police showed up, telling me that a woman driving by called them because her 4 year old in the car read the sign with the word "FUCK" on it, I respectfully asked the officer "how does a 4 year old child know how to read the word FUCK?

He laughed and said you have a point!

I read to him the origins of the word FUCK, over 500 years ago in Germany
(according to paper) and told him that the general public may be offended by the word FUCK due to their ignorance, but I am more offended by the sign over there at the Gas Station which is obscene and I find very offensive!

He read both sides of my picket sign and started laughing!!

And said it is about time somebody said what is on your picket sign and told me how much gas the police cars cost to operate, and that he respects my 1st amendment right to protest he thanked me for protesting Gas Prices! then drove away...

SCORE 1 for Free Speech!!!!!

The section of Interstate I was standing over is the main Interstate that has the most traffic, so many people saw the sign almost everyone gave me the thumbs up and honked!

Only 4 people gave me the bird! But I think they own gas stations or work for Dick Cheney?

A reporter for a newspaper showed up and took some pictures and asked me why I was protesting, I told him (thinking fast due to my impulsive protest) that the rise in gas prices is hurting working Musicians and Entertainers who are unable to raise the price of their labor to off set the increase in gas prices due to the fact their current gigs were booked before the prices jumped up, working musicians and working people are getting SCREWED!

I feel that Labor Day weekend is to honor the American Work Force and all of the BS we put up with to make a living and it seems everyone can agree on "FUCK GAS PRICES" Labor, management, rich, middle class and the poor, Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

There are a few people who have hijacked our nation and are currently robbing the treasury and they are not just in bed with the Oil industry, they are the Oil Industry!

So if any one wants to know the laws that allow them to protest "FUCK GAS PRICES" or want to protest anything else let them know how to contact me and I will forward the laws so the Police/or business property owners cannot run them off or threat them with arrest!

I wish everyone to enjoy themselves this Labor Day, the world is full of suffering and the Pirates of the Oil Industry are raping us!

Over 200 years ago in Boston, People threw TEA overboard at a Boston ship dock in the "Boston Tea Party" to protest unfair taxes and prices on Tea.

If everybody started yelling a little louder and working together Collectively against higher Gas prices it would send a message back to the Pirates.

There is only so far they can push us!

Take care
Michael Troy Moore

P.O. Box 2325
Rock In, California 95677
(916) 772-3663

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