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August 09, 2005


What ever happen to this BLOG?

Robert, Wake up Robert your going to be late to school.

I am little angry that Bush was on CNN the day before talking about Katrina coming in and everybody should leave the New Orleans and then in the middle of talking about Katrina he busted into a something about everything is going well in Iraq and look what I did for Iraq!

It reminded me of something of a joke like BUSH was saying "I got some bad news Katrina is going to Destroy New Orleans, but the good news is that I saved 40 percent on my car insurance!"

He started talking about a new Iraqi constitution in the middle of a major united states city being cleared out! And in crisis!!!

I was surreal like a scene from the twilight zone, I could not believe what I saw and hear him say on CNN, if you get a chance to see the video footage is it bizarre and he is even has an Evil grin on his face when he is talking about Iraq, I am not trying to BUSH BASH, I just find what he said insulting and a slap in the face of the people affected by this crisis!

Jimmy what have I done for rank and file members? and musicians? AFM members and not AFM members.

Should I provide a list to clear up any ingorance?

" and so on, and so on, and so on."

MTM I did not tell you to shut up. I said enough. I probably should have said enough of your bullshit so there would be no mistaking my meaning.
We’re not debating issues. I thought you were a candidate for office and a bandleader. That sounds just like Joe Parente except he won and he uses union musicians in his band.
If you want to take personal shots have at it. I don’t know anything about you except what you say on the blogs.
You’re one to talk about elitism all you do prattle about is how professional it was where you came from but I never hear any thing about you doing anything to make this a better union.
I have never seen one resolution from you to make things better for the rank and file in this union. That’s the democratic process and how we do things in this union.
I did not see anyone in the election committee room treat you with disrespect but you walk around like a sore thumb in a world full of hammers.
By the way I look terrific in the mirror every morning and I never forget that ignorance is always the enemy.

There is an old joke about a couple of friends that used to fight all the time over who was going to have the last word. Ever time one thought they had made their point and won the other would say scissors just to have the last word. Finally during a heated argument one threw the other off a bridge. As the drowning person was going down for the third time a hand shot out of the water two fingers working together in a scissoring motion then sank beneath the water.
On that happy note I’m going on vacation.


If you have real concerns about how the election process and a corroborative witness(es) then it is time to file a challenge to the election. Elsewise why give everyone else a fit of pique

MTM response to:
"Enough MTM from Jimmy Nixon"

First off, I never said that the riveria staff was anywhere near the ballots,
Second, I never spoke directly to any one I was not allowed to speak to, with the exception of seeing a ballot in the hands of one the people which "BOTH Boxes were check for Sam & Flo and I brought it to the attention of a committee memberwalking the floor not seated at the table, the person holding the ballot was confused and pissed off, This ballot was at a IEB table.

I was never asked to identify myself or was I asked for a note to enter nor where a few others.

Jimmy as far as observer me having a great deal of trouble understanding the process, quit it, this was not the first time I have been an observer at a union elections Local, Regional or International AFM, UFCW and other unions.

Jimmy you said in your post:

"I thought you managed to piss off just about every body you talked to"
BS- there was a few observers for IEB candidates who were unsure where they could stand, one was the Wife of IEB candidate I offered her some advice to let her know it was OK to walk among the tables and watch, no one told her anything to protect her candidates interests, I did I am sure that pissed her off.

Did I piss off everybody no just the few who were sloppy or bias in the room, Patricia from B & K was nice to me and respectful, and what many of you people do not get in the AFM (at least the people around the election process) is that it is supposed to be a democracy and if some one bring up an issue or an objection it is not supposed to be view as inconvenience, it is supposed to be dealt with, not cast aside because you do not like who the messager is.

LOL committee people wanted to get out of the room as fast as they can, in some ways I cannot blame them, but DO THE DAM JOB AND DO IT RIGHT! Other wise the AFM is just a Mickey Mouse organization!!!

What were you doing observing me? Instead of paying attention to your candidate interests?

"You can make many accusations based on your own opinions but I was in the room and observed your confusion of the process. They should not have to explain everything you didn't understand. You were only there to observe. "

(Jimmy come clean with the truth here...
the only thing you obsevered was me eating a very nice sandwhich I put together, and you were confused as on how to get your hands on my food!)

The committee persons are only there to observer? I didn't understand? BS! I understand a sloppy process when I see one and I have worked more full time hours as a labor representative than you have in unions, so if you do not like me or agree with me that is one thing, but do not try to bust my balls and talk down to me like I am some punk kid because it will not affect me

I do not think many of you have any respect for Rank & File members, I was at the convention on my own money and as a Rank and File member and when some people found I was not an officer of a local, I was treated with disrespect and my resume ignored, I must not be a club member of the Pink Skinned White Haired guys who like Golf more than Sex?

I do pose this question:
you said,

"Maybe you should learn not to swear around people you don't know "

I find a lack of democracy and sloppy mishandle elections within a labor union far more offensive that anyone could ever find a swear word?

Jim if you disagree with me, that is your choice, knock your self out, I am allways open for a fair debate of issues.

But if you want to defend the incompetence of the AFM elections I guess that is your prerogative, your on the payroll of the afm and your the old rock player who has told your story over and over about how the older guys in the AFM gave you a hard time so many years and said you do not know anything because your a guitar player and you hated it, well wake up take a good look in the mirror Jimmy Nixon you have just become that old guy you complained about so many years ago...

You Jimmy Nixon have forgotten where you came from....................

"Enough MTM from Jimmy Nixon"

No local officer should ever tell a rank and file member "ENOUGH" or "SHUT UP" I welcome people who disagree with me, but at least show me some respect as a dues paying member of the AFM.

Screw this elitism in the AFM!

Enough MTM
I was also an observer when the votes were tallied. I had a note from my candidate requesting my presence that I had to show to the attorney when the staff stopped me at the door.
I observed you were having a great deal of trouble understanding that you were not supposed to talk to the committee members counting the ballets.
I thought you were trying to sit in the lap of the man at the center table you were hovering so close.
He did not care for me looking over his shoulder either. I thought the committee did a good job under the circumstances. With roughly twenty candidates there were a lot of interested observers.
Bob Caruthers is an elderly gentleman that lost control of his scooter much to his embarrassment. I’m not sure that qualifies as horseplay.
He also coordinates much of the convention and works closely with the hotel as the union contact person.
I thought you managed to piss off just about every body you talked to but your right as a candidate to observe was not interfered with. They did not ask for your help or your legal advice that is true. Nor did anyone ask the advice or help of any of the other candidates.
I observed you were disruptive to the process and the election chairman dealing with you with patience and respect considering it was clear you were not going to get many votes.
I observed that one of the other observers was chastised for asking questions of the committee members also.
The Riveria staff changing the buffet table went no where near any pencils the extra AFM staff members that were in the room would have prevented any attempt on their part to vote for one of your opponents.
The staff members and the lawyers were there to assist the election the committee who could not leave the room.
The IEB candidate votes were counted at three tables making it difficult to observe every count that’s true So What. They were only counting IEB votes on the bottom half of the ballet that may have been the reason for the fold
Maybe you should learn not to swear around people you don’t know if you’re going to be union official it really pisses off some of the older members especially in mixed company.
You have the right to your own opinion but not to make up your own facts.
You can make many accusations based on your own opinions but I was in the room and observed your confusion of the process. They should not have to explain everything you didn’t understand. You were only there to observe.

YOU MAY WANT TO READ all of this.

If I I get this new LM reporting post right that the "BUSH"
"frame our 'contractors serving on local boards' issue is an interesting twist."

I have been pointing out for almost 13 years that employers on AFM Local union boards and holding Union office in any other union would be unlawful.

Would CEO Steve Burd of Safeway be allowed to sit on UFCW International Board?

MY 1997 Campaign Statement published in the International Musician in early 1997, addresses the issue of multi-Employer & domination and control of the portions of the AFM.

It does not matter it they work for Warner brothers or are just a band leader who falls under the definition "EMPLOYER", the US federal government has not ran the control test on who is the Employers of musicians in years (late 1970's) somebody is the employer but if the Government really gave a dam about enforcing the law and wanted to bust our contractors/employers holding Union office in the AFM it would have been done years ago.

The fact of the matter is that the US government and employers want to keep it the way it has been.

1 problem is to many business that employ musicians are "CASH" under the table establishment or little or no records, 2 sets of books.

If all business that employs musicians had to keep "REAL BOOKS" it would expose revenues that are not taxed and it would also screw up other money that is meant to be kept under the radar for what ever reason.

As far as the "BUSH" (& other union busters) trying to bust the AFM, why should they? The employers are in various local union boards and offices keeping the sidemen down, there is little or no true organizing or expansion of the AFM into music business. so were is the threat of a real big strong musicians union? I see it only if you build a time machine and go back to 1941.

Our BALLS have been cut off long before many of us were born in the AFM and the AFM has been effectually Neutralized for the purposes of collective bargaining of all the musicians.

The bad guys have us in check and our wagons circled, if they destroyed the AFM all together the laws of human nature would produce a new musicians union that they would have little or no control over and it would take decades to regain influence over a new union.

I keep getting new information sent to me that new IEB member Joe Parente is an employer?

I do not know if this is true and what does it matter if true now? and what do you expect me to do about it that you can't do for yourself?

(message to the persons that keep sending me the info claiming Joe Parente is an employer)


I do know that I had posed several objections when I was observing the tally of IEB votes at the convention.

1) That the IEB tally sheets were on 3 sperate tables, thus it being impossible for "an Observer" to actuality view each sheet as it was being tallied.

The election committee person response was "isn't' that just to dam bad"

2) Election Committee person at the IEB "center" table the one who psychical held the ballots and read it aloud was covering a portion of the each of the ballots he held with his left hand obscuring certain names and boxes that might have been checked.
covering all names and boxes near the center of the fold on the ballot.

The election committee person did nothing to correct this.

3) I observed of ONE of the tally sheets for IEB "Floating around the entire room" for over 25 minutes it appeared to be "ok" then when it was given to the very last "Check Point" the women who had the computer to record the official number of votes on the election committee who was in the back left hand corner of the count room sitting about 10 feet from me, said to the other woman next to her "this one is not signed or tallied" I overheard it and said to them "What a F**KING Mickey Mouse Operation!" others in the room heard it, the committee guy I spoke with about to many tables above would not answer me when I brought this to his attention became "PISSED OFF" and walked off, Patricia Polach from B & K talked with me about, then she had the tally sheet taken back to a center table.

Oddly enough this tally sheet unsigned and un tallied was from the Center IEB count table #2 (if you will see Item 2 above, it was from same table as the guy covering a portion of the ballot)

4) All of the talley sheets were in pencil and pencils were all over the room unsupervised along with this Unsigned Tally Sheet, I did bring up that this "is not right".

The writing instruments should have been INK Pens and nobody should have been allowed pencils that were not the official recorder of the Tally sheets.

5) After everything was done and they put the numbers in the computer and we all read the spread sheet. I recorded the numbers on my note pad and left, the numbers published the next day and on the web site show different numbers.

For instance,

Lorenzo Hines 23 vote for IEB, Michael Troy Moore 28 votes for IEB.

I did not leave the counting room until the final numbers were official, and place in and displayed on the computer screen for all of us to see and the election chair approved it, so how was it that I had 43 votes instead of 28 votes? Hines had 40 votes instead of 23 and how come the numbers changed after the observers left the room?

There was one guy in the room on an electric schooter who was purposely driving into tables, Rivera staff (who were taking food tables out of the room) slamming into them and other people, "horse play" which would have funny as hell in it was not in the Vote Counting room the Committee person only asked 1 time to stop, but he kept doing it laughing all the way, it was a distraction at least 6 or 7 times in the room and the guy on the scooter was the guy who sat by Tom Lee on the Stage at the convention last name starts with a "C".

One thing is certain they was way to many people in the room who were not observing and not on the election committee.

Most of the committee people in the room where RUDE and unprofessional when you brought up a "BUMP in the ROAD" they had the appearance of a fast food restaurant get them and get them out without any questions and they were clearly partisan for a certain candidate who will remain nameless and bias against most other candidates, they openly showed this!

The AFM elections are they a "Mickey Mouse Operation?" or did somebody fudge the numbers for a desired outcome?

Hi Pete,

You wrote:

"Obviously financial disclosure is essential, but anyone who's followed the labor movement (pro or con) knows the true agenda of the Bush administration regarding labor disclosures. Using disclosure to frame our 'contractors serving on local boards' issue is an interesting twist."

True. These are two different subjects. We all have enough trouble trying to stay on and discussing one subject at a time. These topics should be separated so as to avoid crosstalk.

I suggested a few years ago that contractors and leaders, as they are fellow musicians should have a PC of their own so as to deal with the issues between them and the musicians they hire.

Disclosure? Do it beyond whatever the law prescribes. The Bush admin? Well. I am not a fan. That's a whole topic by itself.



"But I still couldn't find anything as homely as you, you old mutt!...And I could see by that picture of you at the convention photos page that they actually got you to wear real clothes, tie and all for this convention."

I'm just another 'strange guy in a strange union' with a typewriter and a beer looking for answers. What day is it?

"It is a good thing you were a PC founding member. Why you don't like national agreements for session work is thusly odd. Why you fear PCs getting too powerful within the AFM is also thus baffling."

Power is in the eye of the beholder, so the notion of "PCs getting too powerful within the AFM" is baffling. Did you just hear that tree falling in the forest?

"But, I meant to stick to the subject of labor financial disclosure to members and officers on this thread. Any thoughts on that?"

Obviously financial disclosure is essential, but anyone who's followed the labor movement (pro or con) knows the true agenda of the Bush administration regarding labor disclosures. Using disclosure to frame our 'contractors serving on local boards' issue is an interesting twist. Just understand that this debate (contractors on boards) is certainly not a matter of public concern, nor does it even register with the conservative right. Destroying the labor movement does.

Nice boots, by the way!

Hi Pete,

And here I was trying to be nice. Because you know, I have been hard on you and in the heat of the recent posting battles, I found myself throwing stuff at you that really was unproductive and for entertainment purposes mostly, as I busted your chops going into the convention.

Stuff like: Hi Pete, I really missed not being able to see you at the convention. I missed you so much I had to go to the zoo. But I still could'nt find anything as homely as you, you old mutt!

And I could see by that picture of you at the convention photos page that they actually got you to wear real clothes, tie and all for this convention.

It is a good thing you were a PC founding member. Why you don't like national agreements for session work is thusly odd. Why you fear PCs getting too powerful within the AFM is also thus baffling. How it is that you are an AFM local officer and pick a la carte from the AFM bylaws to follow, puzzles many. Asside from that we all really like you.

But, I meant to stick to the subject of labor financial disclosure to members and officers on this thread. Any thoughts on that?

There are two levels of hallucinations. The boot that is in someone's mouth and the one that you see but is not there at all.



Paul Harwood wrote: "Quit trying to put your thoughts in other people's mouths. But where would such rhetoric get us? It is noted that you hate player conferences and are hell bent on using any opportunity to bash them in the hopes that this will make you popular with other like minded local officers."

Open up mouth - insert foot. You're doing very well at this lately.

This topic has nothing to do with player conferences. This is about mandating who or what classificaton of musicians are eligible to participate in the governance of their union, who will be disenfranchised, who is trying to change the rules, and why? Since you're forcing the question and attacking me at the same time, please allow me to explain to our readers why your foot is dangling from your mouth.

The ONLY connection to player conferences is when they collectively signed on to a Unity Conference proposal that would have banned contractors from serving on boards. I stood up at that time and challenged all of them on principles of democracy, which had nothing to do with "hate" for PCs.

I was a founding board member of TMA and then a delegate during the time of the Unity Conference. TMA delegates voted to accept FOUR of the Unity Conference proposals. Even still, the fledgling PC later proved to be the 'PC that Could' by being the ONLY player conference to later adopt ALL of the Unity Conference proposals at the convention.

"How is that possible," you mumble (you can remove that foot now)?

Well, Paul, it was done in the same manner that you would like to see with this issue. Don't give a rats about what the members or delegates have to say; just do anything that will impress the leaders of the other PCs.

Warmest Regards,

Hi Pete,

I could say something like: Quit trying to put your thoughts in other people's mouths. But where would such rhetoric get us? It is noted that you hate player conferences and are hell bent on using any opportunity to bash them in the hopes that this will make you popular with other like minded local officers. Fine. That is the existing polarity. We are all aware of this reality. I would like to hear of solutions. Not what it is; rather, what will it be?

The CBA musicians need a certain type of union and services and we the freelancers, obviously have other needs. As long as the AFM claims the mission statement it does, both of these sets of needs must be addressed, somehow. But time is slipping away. Does the AFM think it has until 2007 or beyond to start turning a corner somewhere? Think again.

This is supposed to be a thread on LM reports? A question from this Canadian hippie viewpoint might be: Why aren't the unions reporting of expenses way more progressive and inclusive than whatever the government requires? Why wait for some outside entity to make unions accountable? The unions are the ones that have to attract members and earn their trust, not someone else.



You should expect that I would jump on this one.

The great majority of the AFM's membership are casual/freelance musicians. Active and accomplished freelancers are not content to wait by the phone for a gig - they're actively hustling work.

If you had your way your 'dream team' union board would be composed only of those who are waiting by the phone or those who work under CBAs. Worse yet, this would force an imbalance of representation against the will of the majority, leaving them disenfranchised from their own union.

That doesn't sound like fair representation to me??

Be thankful that you're among the few who have an "employer," but that in itself doesn't entitle you to democratic rights over others.

Pete Vriesenga

The Bush Administration are the "BUTT PIRATES of the 21st Century", and their buddies in congress just gave Wal-Mart (the We Abuse Labor-Mart people) corporation head quarters in Arkansas $35,000,000.00 dollars for a new road in front of their corporate headquarters in the highways appropriations bill.

You have Bush/Enron/Carl Rove/Arnold Schwarzenegger all working together in a "COUP" a few years ago to unseat then governor Gray Davis by spin doctoring and a PHONY California power energy crisis, a crisis that was created by the power companies and the Bush Administration to help fuel public unrest and anger towards California Governor Gray Davis and spent millions to get California to recall Gray Davis, the MAFIA also upset with Davis not approving certain casino openings also back candidates against Davis and pretended publicly to support Davis.

The power companies now because of the California attorney General going after them have been BUSTED for the Scam and have to pay back California Millions of dollars, nobody is going to jail for this coup and attack on the state of California, so the Bush Butt Pirates pay the fines and restitution but they still have a UNION BUSTER in the California Governors office and in the White House.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is what happen here in Sacramento back in 2001 to 2003.

This is not a Democrat Vs. Republican issue this is a direct attack on the United State constitution and our Democracy by Pirates in bi-partisan clothing and the MAFIA that still is alive and well in the United States.

Bush did not belong to the Skull n Bones club at college for nothing he really is a pirate and history will show blood on his hands.

Sadly his family has just enough money and power to rewrite the history books.

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