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July 12, 2005


The only soap Joe seems to be selling is anger, division and "them vs. us" hatred. He ought to have his own Fox Network show...no employer needs to divide this union up, Joe and his bud Tom are doing it for them.

In reading Joe's letter and the response... I am reminded that this tug of war has been on going since the seventies... "who are those guys..." as we looked at the alphabet soup... and Ned Guthrie grumbled... then came the infamous report... and the Tuesday Production battle...on and on ... but what does remain constant is the convention...72 hours that finds the representatives of the rank and file running the show... big locals wanting more... the Players conferences participating with much vim and vigor... and at the close we will go home... the small locals and diversity committee ... some wins? and some loses? but rest assured we will have a new IEB that I hope will kiss and make up with mandates from the delegates... Good Luck to all....Sam

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