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July 08, 2005


I was thrilled to see that Sam Folio is running against F. Nelson for Secy. Treas.. I worked with Sam when he was the trustee in San Juan P. R.. He has his own style of doing things. To say he has balls is an understatement.

I never like to see anyone run unopposed for office. That is why I have decided to run against Ken Shirk for the office of Vice President. I will not be running for a position on the IEB. However,isn't the V. P. an IEB member? Did I miss something? See you in Vegas.

Sam Folio ran against Florence Nelson for Secretary-Treasurer at the last minute in the 2001 convention and he got 25-30 % of the vote then. Florence was very angry then that he ran and got so many votes.

Yes the fact is that I am running for International Secretary/Treasurer. I am not one to slam other members. My Mother taught me to be polite. God Bless and Good Luck to all. Note the qualifications and vote your head and your heart.

Your friend and brother
Sam Folio

Wow, now Moore speaks in the 3rd person

Sam Folio is the one who Brought Mike Moore Out of Northern California to Run Against Steve Young in Spring 1997, In Moore's book 'Observation of a Union Organizer' he states that Sam Folio,Tom Bailey were working to over throw Steve Young and that he was misguided as to there intentions They did not want Moore to be President unless they could control him, and they could not, they wanted Moore to be a bulldog to go in and take a political bite out of Steve Young and wound him at the least, When Moore was in the hospitality rooms in Las Vegas, with Folio, Bailey and others More saw there true plans and that they made fun of the "DEAD MAN" Steve Sprague was not going to make it to the convention. Moore saw Sam and Tom Bailey for who there are and choose not to run against Steve Young and went around the convention telling the delegates of the Folio and Bailey Deception/coup attempt.

Moore also speaks of suspicion of Tom Lee working behind the scenes to over throw Steve Young.

When Tom Lee the night before the 1997 elections asked Moore to step out of the race for a job offer in the NY Office, Moore Informed Lee about "I am not the one you need to worry about running for President, It is Jack Weaton from San Diego local.

Tom's face show anger that Moore was aware of Jack Weaton running for president.

Moore suggests that Jack Weaton was Folio and Bailey's back up plan if Moore did not become a Folio puppet.

Moore also suggest that secretly Tom Lee & Sam Folio might have been working together to unseat Steve Young at the 1997 convention.

Moore apologies to President Steve Young for running against him at the convention and that Folio want moore to say things about Young that were not true, Moore says Steve Young thank him and asked him to stay for the whole convention and "See the process & meet as many delegates as you can tell them your story"

Moore points out that Sam Folio,Tom Lee and Ray Hair were his main contacts during the Boardwalk Strike and the Lawsuits that came out of that labor dispute,

Moore blames Folio & Tom Lee for looking the other way and covering up corruption 1995 election, in AFM Local 12 for years

1995 election scandal

The Benson Factor
-a convicted felon & Convicted Child Molester illegally hold union office for 9 years.

Tom Lee And Folio ignore Moore when Moore brought this to their attention in 1995.

The racketing in AFM Local 12

Misuse of Union funds in Local 12
"petty cash" missing for a 7 year time period in excess of $600.+ a week.

Benson Selling to Union office 3 times without trustee's or Hall associations members approval.

Benson and others skimmed over 300,000+ from AFM Local 12 in various scams and multiple sales of the Union Office.

Benson Moving the Union Office from a high profile downtown location that the union had been at since 1937, to the Union's new location in the Sacramento Red Light District "1925 Del Paso Blvd. location"

Benson a child molester and sexual deviant used the new Union office's "Back Door" to bring in after hours prostitutes for his sexual pleasure, young male boys.

Moore states that Tom Lee & Sam Folio did nothing but shit can my letters and regarding the corruption at AFM Local 12 through out the 1990's

Moore states that then IEB member Ray Hair would listen on the phone regarding Local 12 corruption, but is unaware if Hair took it to the board or did anything to help stop Benson.

Moore states that Benson was Blackballed by the Boardwalks owner who during the middle of the Strike found out about Secretary Joe Benson 1984 felony conviction for raping a 9 & 10 year old boys.

The Boardwalk blackmailed the Union, into a no organizing of musicians working for the boardwalk, no Picket for 10 years and FIRE Michael Moore from the AFM agreement.

The AFM International & AFM Local 12 did sign this agreement in late 1996.

Moore did bust AFM Local 12's law firm in malpractice against 9 AFM local 12 employee's who were beaten up walking the picket line for the International and AFM Local 12

That Law firm paid from it malpractice Insurance to the ALL AFM employees, Moore Refused any money from that settlement and Refuse to sign a confidential clause never to speak about the Benson.

The Lawsuit against Moore from the Boardwalk was Dropped the day after Moore Exposed Collusion and R. I. C. O. Statues violations against AFM Local 12 and the Boardwalk) to get him fired as director of Organizing at AFM Local 12 as part of a deal to settle the lawsuits.

They wanted Moore to also unlawfully use intimidate the Federation employees into giving up their right to sue the boardwalk, Moore Refused.

In 2002 The DOL indicted the founder of that law firm for the same type of illegal practices it was found to engage in 1994 against the Steel workers union.

The founders name was by order of the DOL "Removed" from the law firm.
Victor Van Borg name is listed in Moore's book as the founder of law firm.

Moore exposes Tom Lee in his book for the snake back stabber he is, Sam Folio appear to be an opportunist and Ray Hair more seems to admire in his first few years working for the AFM, but seem disappointed that IEB member Hair did not stop corruption at local 12 or bring it to the boards attention.

Moore "Bashes" former International President and Tom Lee's Mentor Victor Fuenatalba for allowing the biggest Union Busting Victory in the history of the musician business.

Moore claims that the late 1970's agreements by Tom Lee's mentor to "Never Represent a Majority of Night Club Musicians" gave away the farm and open the door for "Pay To Play" in over 100 cities in the United States,
Moore states:

Victor abandon my generation of musicians to a form of slavery, and every generation after mine, the least the AFM could have done was to tell us about this when they said they were going to let us organize under the banner of the AFM, they set up for sabotage. I think they only wanted to keep an eye on us because we had already formed the Sacramento Club Musicians association in 1989 without any help from the AFM, in looking back at what happen in Los Angeles in the late 1950's with the "other union" splitting off from the AFM, they want to make sure we did not take off.

ignore the slates, ignore the incumbents lets vote for a whole new team!

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