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July 09, 2005


"On the other hand, that means no one is complaining about censorship"

I am.

What do you call the total deletion of all former afm.org topic posts like the Hot Topic forum?

It became way to hot Tom Lee's Administration.

And it was censored and destroyed.

The Old AFM.org Forums were a Virtual Union Hall for the discussion of idea's and grievances among the members and it is now resting in pieces.

If I am elected President I will have an AFM Freethinker's forum that will never be Censor or Removed during my term in office and I will also have a historian to have AFM archives to protect the AFM History and give member access to those records via AFM.org

Members should have access to the AFM history even if is embarrassing or shows prior AFM Mistakes.

That would help to keep next generations from repeating the same mistakes.

FreeThinker Forum will stay even if things are posted against me on that forum, I believe that it would be a way for a president to see what members are angry about and it might allow a president to fix the problems.

AFM members-Free Thinker Forum would never be censored.

Under a Moore Administration.

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