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July 13, 2005


Your arguments are outlined well and certainly give us plenty to think about. Given the current tenor of things peace has to be sought, but will the AFM remain in charge or will the emergency resolution 8 affected folks continue to apply a stranglehold on this organization. Little other work has gotten this much attention in my years with this organization. Much resources: time, dollars, negotiations, input, output, etc. No one is happy with the present solution. Overall this situation is an angry draw; rather than a take one for the team situation.

Imagine if we put the same kind of energy into organizing that we have put into this situation?

As an aside, at this point I must agree that Tom has to go in order for this organization to move forward and get past this situation. I don't know whether Ed is the perfect choice but he certainly is the best one out there, currently. The Secretary Treasurer's position worries me, Florence never seems to be organized in her presentation or her work,the ST should not be using the "stream of consciousness method" to answer questions. She appears to have a continuing problem with dienfranchising her staff and I understand that she brought the controller as well as representatives from the auditing firm but has not in any outwardly apparent way used either. Is Sam Folio a substantive candidate? If he were elected can Ed work with him? Or do we vote in Florence just to have peace? Can Ed teach her to lead her departments? Has the Finance department always had such turnover?

Doing my own stream of consciousness.....

had enough wrote:

"The sounding like mtm comment somehow got attached to the wrong post. it was intended for mr. levine, not mr. shirk;;;hmmmmmm"

And your point is?

The sounding like mtm comment somehow got attached to the wrong post. it was intended for mr. levine, not mr. shirk;;;hmmmmmm

you're starting to sound like MTM. except that he actually takes positions.

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