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June 30, 2005


Some AFM Representative called and told me the other day that TOM LEE moved up of the Committee meetings, without a memo just a phone call telling the Committee members/delegates to be in Las Vegas 1 week before everyone else.

I am told that it is so Tom Lee can campaign with a head start on the other candidates.

I do not know if this is true or not?

But it might explain some things.

Anyone else hear about pre-convention meetings being moved closer to 7/10/2005?

If so Ed & I should pack our bags and head to Vegas early as well.

Oh by the way, a friend of mine going to the Convention some how book a room at the Riv as a non convention guest rate at 45 percent lower than convention guest rate during the convention.

How does this convention rate save the AFM $$$?

if the general public can walkin to the hotel and get a lower rate?

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